Foundation Drilling

Round shank chisel

C31 round shank chisel for Bauer rock auger, applied for rotary drilling tools.

Flat teeth

Flat cutter teeth used as cutting teeth on augers,drilling buckets and CFA starter augers.

Welding bar

BA30 Welding bar for rotary drilling tools.

Casing teeth

WS39 Casing teeth is suitable for excavating clay, cobbles(diameter greater than 50mm), sand, weathered rock and rock auger.

U pins

U pins for Bauer kelly bar, applied for foundation drilling tools.

Pilot teeth and holder

Pilot teeth and holder for foundation drilling tools.

Bucket teeth

Bucket teeth for excavator.

Conical ring

Conical ring for Bauer casing joint.

Dragon teeth

Dragon teeth for rotary drilling tools.

Bullet teeth

B47K22H bullet teeth with holder for rock auger and core barrel.

Trenching bit

Trenching bit for piling

Fishtail bit

Fishtail bit for rotary drilling tools

Casing shoe

Casing tube for foundation drilling tools

Casing drives

Casing drives for foundation drilling tools

Casing tube

Casing tube for foundation drilling

CFA auger

CFA auger for foundation drilling

Soil auger

Bauer SBF-K2 soil auger with flat teeth for foundation drilling tools

Soil core barrel

Core barrel for piling.

Soil drilling bucket

KBF-K2 drilling bucket with flat teeth for rotary drilling tools

Kelly bar

Kelly bar for foundation drilling tools

Rock auger

Bauer SBF-K2 rock auger with bullet teeth used for foundation drilling tools.

Core barrel

KR-WS core barrel with bullet teeth for foundation drilling tools.

Drilling bucket

Drilling bucket with double bullet teeth for rotary drilling tools

CFA auger

CFA auger for rotary drilling tools